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Created 19-Apr-16
Modified 13-Feb-20
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"The Desert is no longer a landscape, it is a pure form produced by the abstraction of all the others" - Jean Baudrillard

The silence, the serenity, the minimal abstraction of the desert is something that always astonishes me. It makes me feel one with the Divine. Every time I go out to shoot in the desert, it feels the first time. I feel reborn when I live its vastness, it is emptiness and its beauty. Yet, nothing is what it seems. This emptiness is full of life.

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Ships of the Desert Passing ThroughLines in the SandNatural SculptureSunrise in Wadi RumIn the footsteps of Lawrence of ArabiaNatural SculptureNatural SculptureLines in the SandMother and CalfInfinite DunesSculptures in the SandHills of SandA Silhouette in the DesertFootprints in the SandShips of the Desert Passing ThroughAbstractShips of the Desert Passing Through