SAPPHO NP COSMETICS(non-registered)
We did a shoot with Munir at BCIT to document a collaboration between our company, SAPPHO and the Environmental Technology Dept , who are going to be using our products in their research for creating protocols for Organic fluorine - the marker for the existence of PFAS (forever chemicals) . Working with Munir was a pleasure, the students were very at ease and so the photos are very natural. We had a terrific day and we are very pleased with the results!
N2 Jewellery(non-registered)
Shooting with Munir was a total energy burst. At times I found myself panting for break... but Munir was up and about... on ladders, flat on the floor.... on his fours.... into the wet sand. Having him as our photographer was indeed a pleasure. I knew my products were in safe, creative hands with super clarity on creativity and details.
He always had a listening ear to hear me out and suggest his twists to it. This just made the entire process of photography so much more fertile and the output was way... way... WAY beyond my imagination. So beautiful.... just perfect! Thank you Munir, Jennifer (Munir's wife... so super coordination and comforting presence) and Adel (Munir's son, for mind-blowing patience and dedication towards his dad's work).... you guys make an awesome team. Looking forward to working more with all three of you ❤
Olga Spuskanyuk(non-registered)
Our family has had an immense pleasure and delight working with Munir. Not only is Munir a truly artistic and incredibly talented photographer, but he is also a very committed and responsible professional who will always do his best during the shoot to capture really important elements, light, colors and details that will create lifelong memories! Most importantly, Munir has a very kind, supportive and pleasant personality and this is another reason why making shoots with Munir is so rewarding! Munir's photography is so beautiful, talented and artistic. It has been a great experience working with Munir. Stellar work, Munir!
Rashad Sami(non-registered)
The first thing i see is all the elements that attracts you about United Arab Emirates captured in the eyes and lens of Munir , he has transfered all the emotions in pictures .
The Mystery of the desert , Modern day of Life and Nature plus the beauty of Eve by captivating the magic of the eyes and the motion of human bodies , the colors of the burning coal and the ice on the water with nicely balanced composition , all these and other elements were captured with such perfection .
The pictures that were captured by Munir for reminded me of how historians and writers described Baghdad during the times of caliph Haroun Al-Rashid .
Munir , has succeded in capturing the essence and the soul of the picture and i wish i can see more of his frozen images of time in the future .
Ban Alaa Al Khafajie(non-registered)
It is an honor that you covered my wedding day photography, I was very comfortable working with you as it wasn't the first time we work together, we can feel the effort in all of your photography and very high sense of art which is very rare, your choice of the locations and the beautiful models the lighting all those elements are telling a story in each photography, I hope there will be more collaboration between us in the future.
Wish you a bright future in photography
Zubair Safdar(non-registered)
Munir, you have an outstanding body of work on your website. I love the design and the flow of your website. It is always a big pleasure working and interacting with you. Congratulations on the magnificent recognitions you have received internationally for your work, which I believe you truly deserve. Good luck for your bright photography future ahead. Keep exposing!!!
Sara Kostandy (SunKissed Beauty)(non-registered)
I had a successful engagement with Munir on both a fashion photoshoot and creative advertising concept. Munir has a clear vision of the end product that he wants to create. He took a lead on finding a suitable model, a good location and the required props. Although there were many challenges on this engagement, Munir was very determined and creative to make things work. This reflects highly on his dependability and perseverance. He is also an expert in his area of understanding the working of light, space and form in photography. The results of his work speak for itself, with the recognition he received for his creative concept.
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